Seacliff Plantation Community Association

The Seacliff Plantation Community Association (SPCA) , more commonly known as the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is compromised of all owners of property in Seacliff Association.

An annual meeting is held every January for all members. A volunteer Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors consists of five residential property owners and Board meetings are held once a month. All members of the Association are welcome to attend Board Meetings and should contact the Board President for meeting dates and times.

The management of the common grounds and security are handled by Shinn Management Inc. who report to the Board of Directors monthly. Any issues regarding the front gate access or security issues should be directed to Shinn Management, as well as comments or issues related to the common areas.

The Seacliff Plantation Community Association duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s) and in the Association By-laws. Every property owner receives a copy of the documents when they purchase a home in Seacliff Plantation.

These documents also call for a Design Review Committee. It is the duty of the design review  committee to review all building plans to make sure they are in accordance with the CCR’s of the SPCA. Any homeowner who is preparing to build in Seacliff Plantation is required to submit one set of their architectural plans to be reviewed and approved by the Design Review Committee.

SPCA Board President for 2016: Mark Hurt

Design Review Committee Chair: Mark Hurt

Shinn Management: Ginny & Gerald Shinn  808.639.2960