Seacliff Information


Seacliff Plantation at Kilauea Bay was originally a section of the Kilauea Sugar Plantation. When the plantation closed in the early 1970’s, three large tracts were sold. One of those was sold to Robertson/Larson Partners, a New Mexico development company.  They organized this development activity as “The Pali Moana Company”, and in 1982 the County of Kauai approved a plan for an “Agricultural Subdivision”.

As part of this approval, there were three major conditions:

  • Dedication of 75 acres of prime agricultural land to the County – now known as the Kilauea Agricultural Park.
  • Dedication of approximately 100 acres of the Crater Hill area to a federal, state, or environmental non-profit agency for preserving native wildlife and plants. This is now apart of the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).
  • Once a dwelling was completed on any lot, some sort of farming endeavor must be initiated – hence the term “agricultural subdivision”.

Originally, the subdivision consisted of 25 lots ranging in size from 5 to 20 acres. Two of these lots were sold to the USFWS to augment the Wildlife Refuge. Many of the larger lots were further divided by using a process known as the “Condominium Property Regime”. Seacliff Plantation now has 48 lots ranging in size from a minimum of three acres to the largest at 10 acres.

It’s a “Gated” Community – Sort Of

Vehicular access is restricted to the front gate of the subdivision just off Kilauea Road. However, we have an open pedestrian gate in the same area which is used by many Kilauea community residents. We encourage the use of our roadways for walking, running, bicycling, etc.
Getting through the gate requires either an electronic remote or a key card which are dispensed by our Property Manager. Guests may call their host from the gate telephone and will be provided access by a return telephone signal.

Common Areas

There are no parks or pools owned by the community. However all of the roadways and associated roadway easements are jointly owned by the property owners.

Contractors & Service Personnel

Access for contracted individuals or enterprises can be accomplished by the means noted above. However, their cards will be limited to 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday through Saturday.


Any new construction or building addition must receive approval by the Seacliff Design Review Committee prior to beginning construction.


Pursuant to Kauai County regulations, the burning of trash or green waste is strictly prohibited.


The Hawaiian goose, or Nene, as well as the Laysan Albatross are frequent visitors, and may actually be found nesting on our properties. These birds are protected by both the federal and state governments; stiff fines may be levied for any interference with their livelihood.
Wild pigs sometimes visit and occasionally destroy landscaping; contact Seacliff property management for help in trapping and relocating.

Special Management Areas (SMA)

Many properties within Seacliff have an SMA designation for some portion within a lot. Generally building is not permitted in these areas. Consult an architect and the County Planning Department when considering use of these areas.